Thursday, October 8, 2009

Latest Find/Project

Well 2 posts in one day, am I overdoing it? Here is my new toy I found at the road in someones trash. I guess they did not see the same greatness in this. Well possibly not greatness but funness no doubt.

From what I can tell it was once a singlespeed touring bike that has been fitted with a 3 speed internal geared hub. I will start by trying to bring back the chrome and release the seized rear brake. Failing that I could remove cable brakes and put a coaster brake on it. Then to decide ether to keep it as a 3 speed or bring it back to its singlespeed roots? I will likely be building it for my wife in the end. If I can talk her into riding it that is.

My garage is becoming an endless pile of project bikes. I think I may be sent out there to live with them if I keep this up.

Again, I'm out.

1 comment:

  1. That bike looks beautiful. If it were me id return it to its chrome (where its rusted) and keep it as a three-speed. Theres something charming about three speeds, even if they arent "real" singlespeeds they still share all the benefits of one. Well they weigh a bit more but thats a tad pedantic.

    Im sure your wife/partner wont be able to complain about all your bikes if you build that one up for her. Im sure whatever route you take the bike down it will be good.

    Just need to find a bike like that for my girlfriend.


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