Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clean drive-train - Faster ride... (in my head??)

Amazing lunch hour ride today. Feels like the training for Sunday is coming together. Personal best on my 11K lunch hour loop. Climbs felt good, singletrack felt good (Mostly... explain later). Flat doubletrack spinning was fast. Everything just seemed to click.

Here is the question, I cleaned my chain, chainring, and cog just prior to the ride. I have let them get grungy for my basic utilitarian riding and training of late. Almost looked like they were growing fur. Over 11K should I really notice a tangible difference in speed? Well either the clean drive-train or the knowledge of the clean drive-train sped me up. Or maybe a bit of both coupled with the tough training schedule. Ah who knows, either way Sunday will be fun.

One lesson learned today was that when riding singletrack in the fall it is best not to have your weight shifted forward when obstacles are hidden by fallen leaves. Came close to impaling myself as my front tire nearly stopped on either a rock or a root (not sure as it was hidden). This was in the trails I ride almost daily and should know like the back of my hand. Glad I did it there rather than on the lesser known trails on race-day Sunday.

Well better get back to work. I really need to take a camera along on my lunch hour loop sometime as all this explaining really does not do it justice.

And that's it for now... I'm out!!

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  1. I dont know if a dirty chain would make that much of a difference. I've found that a huge proportion of my cycling is based on placebo.

    Glad to see some new posts on your blog though, i havent had the internet for 3 weeks so ive had very small chances at uni and my parents house to check forums and stuff!

    Need to get a few new posts up on my blog.


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