Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Growing (Training) Pains

Well started to ramp up my training yesterday and I feel it. I did not think I had let myself slack so much but I am weak today. No pain which means either I did not push hard enough or I have kept in decent shape. I started out the day yesterday with my standard 6K ride to work with an upped amplitude. From there I did 2 Laps to the top of the 10 story hospital tower at 10:30am and again at 2:30pm. As well as a 5K lunch hour run.

This does not seem like much as it is my standard routine through much of the year. Usually I do either the ride in/home or the stair climb tho and not both. Today started the same as yesterday just a hair slower. The 10th floor climbs this morning were a breeze. The lunch hour ride was slow though. I kept a decent pace but Paul was able to jump the pace a few times in the flats. Usually I should be able to spin fast enough on the flats to keep him at bay. Good riding Paul!!

I will continue along this training path with minor rests on weekends up until my Nov 22 Winter Wow race which I finally signed up for yesterday. I think I need to drag out the fixie and do some hill climbing on my steep 50x16 gear ratio to add to leg strength. I think I will need to taper off a bit at the end so that the legs can rest for the race a bit.

That is all for now... Will try not to wait so long before my next post.. I'm out!!

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  1. Sounds good! Ive been punishing myself lately too with the riding :)


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