Thursday, November 18, 2010

#TheChallenge -- Battle @bikerly with @bikerly --

Not sure why but as soon as I read the challenge tweet from @bikerly I thought I would doodle him. The first time I saw him in a @lovingthebike #ff I thought he was wearing a brown cycling hat. The first few tweets I had caught from him painted him as a hardcore cyclist in my head. In time I found he is more of a wild man with running and cycling tendencies.

Anyways this is my egggified impression of his old Twavatar with the cycle hat morphed with the paper crown. I threw in his trusty steed Red for good measure too. I may have overhyped my drawing but it was all in fun.

Will be interesting to see the interesting and insightful image put forward by my #bikeschool friend.

A note to @jujufernandez, @SGadaleta, and other perspective judges. Please look at this image and the one found on Bikerly Blog and vote for the one you feel win's for what ever reason you feel it wins. This almost no rule competition makes it interesting to see what makes a winner. Throw in a jab or 2 in your comment or just come to #Bikeschool tonight at 9pm EST and poke fun of the guy in the Dunce-Cap...

 This Challenge brought to you by #bikeschool goofs :)

I think that's it for now.... I'm out...


  1. Oh man, I really think you captured all the beauty and spirit that is @Bikerly. Nicely done, my friend. When is the caricature of Loving the Bike coming out?


  2. This talent is overwhelming. Who knew? Great work.

    Twitter: @aimeespencer

  3. Holy crap, egggman. You win. It's brilliant! Red likes it too. We want to use it for our xmas cards if okay with you.

  4. oh yeah.

    2 votes from Red and me!

  5. Darryl,

    Have a great headshot that personifies you? I can do a 15 minute sketch for you too...


    Thanks guys to the others... :)

  6. although both doodles were clearly labored over for hours, or perhaps minutes.. and each is deserving of the highest accolades, this has got to be the winner - mainly because at first glance I thought you drew pigtails on bikerly :-)

  7. lol, yeah I will not be getting those 15 minutes back :) I almost want to make a modified version with pigtails now!!


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